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exclusive video reveals:

Discover the secrets to play the piano without pain

discover in this 17-minutes video the 4 traps that make you feel pain at the piano.

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In this free video you will learn:

✅ What is wrong with piano teaching in terms of medical sciences.

✅ What is wrong with piano teaching in terms of biomechanics.

✅ What you might be doing wrong in terms of the psychology of performance.

✅ The myths in the piano world that emerge from a lack of knowledge of physics.

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Hélio Tanomaru CAVIAR DREAMS Branco Fund

Who is Hélio Tanomaru

Hélio Tanomaru is a Japanese classical pianist and teacher and works with students to solve technique and performance-related issues at the piano.

Having faced injuries in his early career and recovering from it after a lot of research, experimentation, and hard work, it is his mission to spread knowledge about how to get rid of pain and to make the piano playing easier, more beautiful for a meaningful life experience with the piano.

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