Every month we have a very special event, the International Online Piano Masterclass. Which is a free and completely online masterclass. The next masterclass is on MAY 22th, 1 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time, United States). Let's register here to receive the Zoom link.

There are 3 ways of participating:

1) Just watch and listen to the masterclass;

2) Play and have lesson (sending a video is required)*;

3) Just receive tips, without playing, on how to work on a specific piece or topic (you can either send a video or not);

Feel free to participate even if your piece is not ready, we are going to help you to overcome the challenges.

*For those who are going to play, sending a video and the sheet music of the piece that is going to work on the masterclass is required. The deadline is one day before the masterclass and you can send to the e-mail

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