The teaching method used by H. Tanomaru is the most modern and efficient way to improve piano technique, performance, and interpretation. The piano technique, in tandem with the application of human biomechanics, serve to support a virtuosic performance of the repertoire, and prevent pain in the wrists, shoulders, forearms, joints, and tendons.


    Hélio feels that the student’s choice of piano pieces, coupled with piano exercises for advanced technique, will encourage his/her maximum artistic development.


   Hélio teaches students who are 14 years old or older from all levels – from beginner to professional. Lessons can be conducted in either English or Portuguese, and are done online via Zoom. 


     With a professional studio, equipped with four Full HD webcams, and a professional condenser microphone, the student will be offered lessons with optimal visuals and auditory feedback that will enhance the learning experience. The multi-camera set up of more than 12 combinations will facilitate multiple perspectives of the keys, and will better guide the student. 

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