Born in Naruto, Japan, and naturalized in Brazil, Hélio Tanomaru is an accomplished classical pianist. Hélio holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of São Paulo (USP), and his works reflect the influences of two major personalities of the classical musical scene: Marisa Lacorte and Jovanni-Rey de Pedro.

    Hélio has undertaken lessons and masterclasses with internationally-renowned pianists and teachers such as: Guigla Katsarava (France), Jovanni-Rey de Pedro (USA), Asami Hagiwara (Japan), Jani Parsons (Canada), Alan Huckleberry (USA), Rosa Maria Tólon (Cuba), Clélia Iruzun (England), Ana Maria Orduz (Colombia), Joao Paulo Casarotti, Simone G. Machado, Eduardo Monteiro, Luciana Sayure, Ney Fialkow, Marisa Lacorte, and others.